Island Health Residency Employment Agreement

The Island Health Pharmacy Residency Program involves a significant mutual investment by both the pharmacy department and the resident. It naturally follows that there is value to both parties in having the resident carry on their employment with the department following completion of the program.

The pharmacy department invites all new residents to sign a voluntary one-year post-residency employment agreement. The full terms of the service contract may be found here. The salient points for those who agree to the terms are as follows:

  • The $17,000 tuition fee for the program is waived.

  • The resident receives $20,000 wages PLUS a repayable salary of $30,000 ($50,000 total) during the residency year.

  • The resident agrees to continue on with the department as a full-time Clinical Pharmacist (Grade II) at the end of the residency for a minimum of 12 months.



How do I find a job following my residency?

Residents have the opportunity to apply to vacancies that become available within the department during the residency year. Vacancies may be at any of the pharmacy sites within the health authority. If residents haven’t secured a position by April 30, the pharmacy department may at their discretion allocate a position for the resident.


What if I need to end my residency partway through the year?

You would be expected to repay any amounts received from the $30,000 repayable salary PLUS a prorated amount of the $17,000 tuition fee.


What if I leave Island Health after my residency but before the end of the 12 month full-time work commitment?

The repayable salary and waived tuition are forgiven according to the months worked (1/12 per month up to the full 12-month commitment). You would be expected to repay any remaining amounts of the salary and tuition.


What happens if there are no jobs available at the end of my residency?

Every effort is made to match our residents with post-residency positions. However, there is always an element of uncertainty with future vacancies. In the event that there are no vacancies by April 30, the terms of the contract may be dissolved and all repayable amounts forgiven, at the discretion of the department.