Key Formatting Points

Residency research project results are presented at the annual BC-wide Pharmacy Residency Research Event each May. As representatives of the Island Health Pharmacy Practice Residency Program, residents are expected to use a standardized format when preparing their project poster. The Powerpoint file found here provides the appropriate color formatting and relative layout and will give you an idea of how to organize your poster. You may need to make adjustments based on the needs of your specific project.

Required Headings: 

  1. Introduction/Background
  2. Study Objective(s) 
  3. Methods (typically specific outcome measures are included in the methods section) 
  4. Results
  5. Discussion
  6. Conclusion (be sure to address your stated study objective(s)).
  7. Next Steps or Application to Practice (you may choose to include this separately or as a part of your Conclusion)

Tips for creating a strong poster presentation:

  • Project member names written as first name, middle initial, surname, followed by list of degrees/certificates obtained. Names should be separated with semi-colons.
    • e.g. John R Smith, BSc, BSc(Pharm), ACPR, PharmD; Jane L Doe, BA, MD, FRCPC
  • Write study objectives as a broad statement with more detailed outcome measures described separately
  • Table captions should be above tables
  • Figure captions should be below figures
  • Limitations should be described in the "Discussion" section
  • Conclusions should be succinct and link to your original study objective(s)
  • Use bullet points where possible; limit paragraphs and long sentences
  • Use same colours, font, and logo as the Powerpoint template; font size can be adjusted as needed
  • Poster will be strengthened with inclusion of a statement regarding application to practice