Each year two chief residents are selected from the group of BC Pharmacy Residents. See below for chief resident responsibilities and selection process:

1. Foster communication amongst the BC Pharmacy Residents and between the BC Residents and the Pharmacy Residency Coordinators.

The Chief Resident(s) will:

  • Organize gatherings for BC Residents in order to share the experiences they have had in their programs and to get to know each other – these gatherings could be held anytime, but are most optimal after summer didactic sessions and BC-wide case presentations

  • Present relevant resident issues to the Residency Coordinators

  • Create and share a contact list (phone numbers and emails) for all BC Residents

  • Be the contact person for the BC Residents, and be responsible for disseminating relevant information to the group

  • Foster communication between BC Residents, Residency Coordinators and Ombudsperson

2. Represent the BC Residents at meetings and events

The Chief Resident(s) will:

  • Speak on behalf of the BC Residents at Residency Certificate Presentation Night and represent the group if necessary at other meetings/conferences/events

  • Be responsible for the facilitation and moderation of BC wide case presentations:

  • Ensure AV and teleconference equipment are set-up prior to the scheduled start time

  • Ensure all PowerPoint presentations are uploaded to the designated Dropbox folder by midnight the day prior

  • Introduce each presenter

  • Act as the time keeper to ensure presentations are kept to the allotted 20 minutes, followed by a 10 minute question period (may delegate as needed)

3. Foster involvement of the BC Residents in CSHP activities & events

The Chief Resident(s) will:

Attend monthly CSHP BC Branch Council meetings

Inform the BC Residents of BC Branch activities and events

Encourage BC Residents’ attendance at CSHP events

Work with the CSHP Programs Coordinator to help organize and gather information necessary for Residency Research Day (annually in May) – this usually involves, but is not restricted to, compiling residents' presentation files

Present relevant resident interests to the CSHP BC Branch Council

Submit updates for the residency section of the quarterly CSHP-BC Branch newsletter BC Pharmacy Practice Residency Committee

Work with CSHP-BC Student Membership Coordinator to promote the CSHP Mentorship Program (Resident Mentors arm of tri-mentoring) among BC Residents and assist in recruitment of residents as mentors

Selection Process

All BC Residents are eligible

  • Selection of the BC Chief Resident(s) is mediated by the BC Residents by any equitable method of selection they devise and agree upon

  • Selection is usually done annually during the BC-wide Kinetics/Research/ EvidenceBased Practice rotations in July

  • Upon selection, the BC Chief Resident(s) will notify all Residency Coordinators of their appointment Term

  • From the day of selection to the BC Chief Resident’s last day of the residency program (unless an alternate end date is arranged with the BC Residents and/or the Residency Coordinators)

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