Self-Assessment of Competencies and Learning Plan

CPRB Standards 2.2.1 - Admissions Criteria, Policies and Procedures

CPRB Standard 2.2.2 - Educational Approach


Requirement(s): A formal process shall be in place to assess prior learning for each resident prior to the beginning of the residency program." An individualized plan shall be developed for each resident at the commencement of his/her program.

a) Based on the assessment of prior learning, a broad written plan for the residency program shall be developed, setting forth goals, as well as a schedule of activities for achieving those goals. This plan should build on the resident's strengths and address the areas for improvement.

Self-Assessment of Competencies and Learning Plan

Residents conduct a formal self-assessment of competencies at the beginning, midpoint, and end of the residency. This self-assessment is conducted within One45 and forms the basis for the individualized Learning Plan and is used to tailor learning experiences within the residency to address specific identified learning needs.

Learning Plan

The Learning Plan is comprised of a list of specific learning objectives that are based on the needs identified by the resident. Typically, residents will have 6-10 learning objectives, each with identified strategies for achieving these objectives. The Program Coordinator will work with each resident to ensure that the objectives are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-appropriate. The final Learning Plan is posted to the resident's ePortfolio and is revisited formally at midpoint, when any necessary revisions can be made based on the overall progress. Finally, it is revisited at the end of the program to confirm achievement of the learning objectives.