Current Projects (2018-19)

Please see the list below for the projects our current residents are working on, and the preceptors supporting each of them.

Marina Simeonova

Evaluation of Compliance with the 2017 Canadian Pediatric Society (CPS) Statement Recommendations

for the Management of Neonatal Early-Onset Sepsis (EOS) 

Preceptors: Dr. Jolanta Piszczek, Dr. Sanifer Hoi, Dr. Curtis Harder, Dr.Gustavo Pelligra


Sasha Maleki

Understanding the experiences of patients from the Penelakut Island First Nation receiving clinical pharmacy services

Preceptors: Dr. Sean Spina, George Nickoloff, David Forbes

Stephanie Huffman

 Investigation into the Cleaning Methods of Smartphones and Wearables from Infectious Contamination in a Patient Care Environment (I-SWIPE)

Preceptors: Dr. Sean Spina, Carly Webb, Stephanie Huffman