Residency Advisory Committee


CPRB Standard 2.1.3

"Pharmacists who hold to high professional ideals and have the desire and aptitude to teach and administer the program shall direct the residency program."

Requirement 6:

An Advisory Committee shall be in place to provide general oversight and guidance to the design and operation of the program.

a) The committee terms of reference, minutes and associated documents (e.g. position papers, projects, etc) shall be available for review by the accreditation survey team.

b) The committee shall have representation external to the department, interpreted as any qualified individual who does not have line accountability to the department, or a senior administrator to whom the department reports.

c) The committee shall have input from a preceptor and a pharmacy resident involved in the current year of the program.

d) The committee should have representation from another health profession that provides residency (or similar experiential) training. 

Residency Advisory Committee Terms of Reference


Purpose & Principles

Pursuant to the related accreditation requirement above, the purpose of the Pharmacy Practice Residency Advisory Committee (RAC) is to provide general oversight and guidance on design and operation of the program. Specifically, the RAC operates according to the following principles:

  • Adherence to current CPRB standards in all aspects of program design and operation

  • A consistent and high quality standard across all aspects of the program

  • Promotion of continuous improvement and innovation in program design and operation

  • Representation of all program stakeholders, including residents, preceptors, and program administrators, in the design and operation of the program

  • Current residents have every opportunity to be successful in the program



The committee shall consist of:

  • Residency Program Coordinator & Committee Chair

  • Residency Program Director (Manager, Clinical Programs)

  • Director of Pharmacy

  • Clinical Coordinators – RJH, VGH, and NRGH

  • Senior Administrative Delegate

  • Interdisciplinary Delegate (1)*

  • Residency Preceptor (4)*

  • Pharmacy Residency Graduate from each year (1)*

  • All current Pharmacy Residents

*Selected by the Chair to serve a 2-year term, beginning at the fall meeting. Terms are renewable at the discretion of the Chair.


Expectation of Committee Members

A successful residency program is dependent on a healthy RAC. All RAC members are expected to attend and positively contribute to the discussion at scheduled meetings. It is also expected that RAC members will contribute to the successful design and operation of the program and advocate for the program insofar as they are able.



The RAC will:

  1. Provide advice on the strategic planning and continuous improvement initiatives of the residency program.

  2. Be kept abreast of the progress of the residents through the program, and will be called upon to provide advice to the Program Coordinator, as required. (NOTE: pharmacy resident members will be excluded from these discussions.)

  3. Provide advice on the resolution of any outstanding issues brought forward by the Program Director, Program Coordinator, pharmacy residents and/or preceptors.

  4. Vet residency project proposals.

  5. Provide support and guidance on the ongoing progress of residency projects.

  6. Provide support to the Program Coordinator in the preparation for CPRB accreditation survey visits.



The committee shall meet a minimum of 4 times per year, in September, January, March, and May.  The March meeting will be dedicated to residency project proposal vetting and will require a quorum of 50% plus one.

Last reviewed May 31, 2019