Current Projects (2017-18)

Please see the list below for the projects our current residents are working on, and the preceptors supporting each of them.

Alanna Janz

ASsessment of a Strategy to improve Electronic allergy records at a Tertiary care hospital (ASSET)

Preceptors: Carly Webb, Kyle McWilliams, Dr. Curtis Harder


Ravi Parmar

Study of the Utilization of a Respiratory Panel in Antimicrobial StewardShip (SURPASS)

Preceptors: Dr. Greg McKelvie, Dr. Celia Culley, Dr. Curtis Harder


Jennifer Pitman

Impact of a brief tobacco cessation intervention by pharmacy personnel during pre-admission visit on patient intention to access tobacco cessation supports 

Preceptors: Dr. Dan Martinusen, David Forbes, Stephanie Huffman, Nawal Alhafnaway