Preceptor of the Year Award

The VIHA Pharmacy Practice Residency Program is committed to ensuring the highest standard of resident preceptorship. The Pharmacy Department in VIHA has the good fortune of employing numerous pharmacy practice leaders who generously contribute their skills and expertise to the development of our Residents from Day One of the Program until the end. Despite its small size, the Program has developed a national reputation and its accreditation status is a testament to the quality of the program.

The VIHA Pharmacy Practice Residency Program Preceptor of the Year Award is awarded annually to recognize one individual who has made a particular difference in the education of our Residents in the residency year. The selection process is based solely on the Residents’ experience of working with and learning from the program preceptors.


  • Pharmacists who have precepted at least one Resident during the residency year are eligible for that year’s award.

  • Pharmacists who have received the award within the last two residency years are ineligible.

  • Residency Program Director and Coordinator are ineligible.

Selection Process

  • Each Resident confidentially submits a name for Preceptor of the Year to the Program Coordinator during the last week of the academic year.

  • The Program Coordinator randomly selects one name from the collection of names submitted by the Residents to be the Preceptor of the Year.

  • The Preceptor of the Year is sponsored by the Pharmacy Practice Residency Programs Committee (PPRPC) to attend the annual Programs convocation in Vancouver, where he/she will be awarded a plaque.

Preceptor of the Year 2016-17

Dr. Jolanta Piszczek, Infectious Diseases & Antimicrobial Stewardship

We aren’t the first to say that Jolanta is an exceptional preceptor, and we likely won’t be the last. Jolanta has created an exciting clinical practice area and invites residents to be an appreciated part of the team. Her passion for teaching was clear from the beginning of our time with her, and she tailored our rotations to meet our individual goals and interests. Her knowledge of ID is undeniably impressive, but Jolanta treated us as equals and took every opportunity to guide us in expanding our skills. What we learned from Jolanta goes far beyond our understanding of cellulitis and Staphylococci. Her unapologetically confident approach to situations and her ability to establish excellent rapport with colleagues and patients have made her an integral part of the ID team and have also made her an admirable role model for us. We feel extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Jolanta during our residency, and are very fortunate to have her as a mentor and friend.

-2016-17 Pharmacy Residents

Past Award Recipients

2018-19: Dr. Erica Otto (nee Greanya), Adult Intensive Care, VGH
2017-18: 2016-17: Ms. Rachel Edey, Internal Medicine, NRGH
2015-16: Dr. Richard Wanbon, Emergency Medicine, RJH
2014-15: Mr. Ajay Bains, Internal Medicine CTU, RJH
2013-14: Dr. Jolanta Piszczek, Infectious Diseases & Antimicrobial Stewardship, RJH
2012-13: Dr. Erica Greanya, Adult Intensive Care, VGH