What Information Is Reviewed In Your Application?

The following sections are from the PRAMS on-line application:

- Secondary and Post-Secondary Education (We do look at transcripts)
- Work Experience
- Community Service / Volunteer Experience
- Leadership Experience or Involvement
- Extracurricular Activities: sports, performance in the arts, hobbies, travel
- Publications and Major Presentation
- Professional Organizations/Affiliations/Memberships
- Provide 3 References


Describing the following (max. 600 words / 4000 characters), which includes:
Your reasons for applying for a residency program
How doing a residency aligns with your career goals
Your expectations of a residency program
How your life experiences to date have prepared you for a residency program
Tell us something about yourself that we have not asked of you in this application

Tips For Applicants

Residency programs are looking for well rounded, qualified applicants who would be a good fit with their program. You don’t need to have “all A’s” on your university transcript, however we are looking for candidates who have strong organizational skills who can perform well in an academically demanding program. Residency programs aim to build future leaders in the profession, which is why we are looking for active, involved individuals who have prepared themselves for their future professional career.

Below are some tips for applicants:

- Try to gain healthcare related work experience
- Include your extra curricular activities in your application. For example, if you play a musical instrument or sports, include it in your application as programs are looking for well rounded individuals.
- Participate in professional organizations and networking
- Gain volunteer experience and take on leadership roles with organizations
- Carefully select your references
- Spend some time considering what you will write in your essay. Read the questions carefully
- Invest some time learning about interview skills. There are many youtube videos on the topic of “Preparing for an Interview”. Doing well in an interview is a life skill that you will need in your future career.