Evaluation Process for Residents

All of the formal evaluations that you will be completing or receiving as a resident will be conducted electronically via one45. Please refer to the figure for a detailed list of the evaluation requirements.


Rotation Evaluations

  • Evaluations are sent automatically to your inbox. An evaluation of your rotation, your preceptor, and an In-Training Assessment of Resident (ITAR) self-evaluation form will be sent to your inbox approximately 2 weeks before the final day of the rotation. Four week rotations have a mid-point and final evaluation, and a 3 week rotation will only have a final evaluation.

  • It is essential that objective evidence is provided whenever possible to demonstrate how you are meeting the requirements of the residency program. Residents are encouraged to use the “evidence to support assessment” space liberally when completing the ITAR.

  • Resident self-evaluations should be reviewed with the preceptor at the time that preceptor evaluations of the resident are being discussed.

  • All rotation evaluations must be submitted within one week of the end of the rotation.

  • NOTE: In the event that you have more than one preceptor for a given rotation OR there are multiple preceptors for a specific rotation, you will be required to indicate the person who you are evaluating AND the person who is to be evaluating you. This will show up in your eDossier as a To Do item.

Case Presentations/Journal Clubs/In-service presentations

  • These forms are sent out on an ad-hoc basis in the To Do section of your eDossier (“Choose a new form to sent to someone to evaluate you”).

  • Your rotation preceptor is required to evaluate your performance if you deliver a presentation or facilitate a journal club during a rotation.

  • You may choose to solicit feedback from others in attendance. You can do this by selecting other “attending” from the list when you send the evaluation to your preceptor. It is a good idea to give advance notice to those you will be sending an evaluation form.