Process for Preceptor Evaluation of Resident

All of the formal evaluations that you will be completing or receiving as a preceptor will be conducted electronically via one45. Please refer to the figure for a detailed list of the evaluation requirements.


Rotation Evaluations

  • Evaluations are sent automatically to your inbox. In-term Evaluation of Resident forms (ITARs) are sent approximately 2 weeks before their due date (i.e. 2 weeks before the midpoint and 2 weeks before the final day of the rotation).

  • It is essential that objective evidence is provided whenever possible to demonstrate how residents are meeting the requirements of the residency program. Preceptors are encouraged to use the “evidence to support assessment” space liberally when completing the ITAR.

  • Resident self-evaluations should be reviewed with the preceptor at the time that preceptor evaluations of the resident are being discussed.

  • Ideally, all evaluations will be reviewed directly with the resident on or around the final day of the rotation. All rotation evaluations must be submitted within one week of the end of the rotation.

Case Presentations/Journal Clubs/Inservice Education

  • If you are the preceptor for the resident giving the presentation or facilitating the journal club, you are the primary evaluator and completion of an evaluation is an expectation. Your resident will select you as an evaluator and you will receive an evaluation in your inbox via one45.

  • You may be called upon to evaluate the residents on an ad-hoc basis for case presentations and/or journal clubs. These evaluations will be sent via one45 when a resident selects you as an evaluator.

  • Note that the case presentation evaluation is the same one that is used by all of the BC programs for the BC-wide case presentation forum, which our residents are expected to present at once during their residency year.

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