Evaluation & Assessment Overview

Assessment of Residents and Evaluation of Program Components

The Canadian Pharmacy Residency Board states in the accreditation standards that the pharmacy department shall operate the program in a manner that reflects the principles of continuous quality improvement. (2018 CPRB 2.2.3). Therefore our program has an ongoing review process in place to:

a) assess the resident’s performance (formative and summative);
b) evaluate the preceptor’s performance;
c) evaluate the performance of the program coordinator and the program director;
d) evaluate rotations and learning environments to ensure that residents develop to the highest level of practice;
e) evaluate overall performance of the residency program.

The web-based software platform One45 is used for all evaluations and assessments in our residency program. Residents are asked to complete their evaluations within one week of completion of the rotation or session they were evaluating.

Assessment of Resident Performance

Resident performance is assessed by preceptors for all rotations, presentations and projects with the exception of the general orientation week, clinical orientation workshop week and UBC didactic week. Residents also do self-assessments for rotations, projects and presentations. A self-assessment of residency competencies is done by residents at the start of the residency program, at the mid-point and at the end of the residency program.

Evaluation of Preceptor Performance and Rotation

At the end of each rotation and therapeutic discussion the resident evaluates the preceptor, the rotation and the facilitator(s) for specific educational activities. The feedback we receive from our residents is used in our process of continuous quality improvement of our residency program. The evaluation form for preceptor and rotation evaluation are automatically sent to the residents one45 inbox 14 days before the end of a 4 week direct patient care rotation.

Evaluation of Program Coordinator, Director and Overall Residency Program

Residents are sent evaluation forms in the last one month of the residency program to specifically evaluate the program coordinator, residency director and overall program. Residents also sit on our residency advisory committee and provide the committee with recommendations to improve program quality at most advisory committee meetings.

Timing of Evaluations & Assessments By Rotation Type

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