Setting Up Your ePortfolio


Getting Started

To get your ePortfolio up and running you will need to review the detailed instructions on setting up a Wordpress account and become familiar with the functionality of this platform.

Setting Up and Using Your ePortfolio 


Below is a list of required pages and suggested content for your ePortfolio (eP). Please ensure that you include the following headers as a bare minimum but beyond these, the sky is the limit.


This is opening page where you can give a brief history of the events leading up to the residency program. What inspired YOU to apply to the program? What do you expect the year to hold for YOU?

About Me

This is your opportunity to share some little known facts about yourself. Your preceptors and program administrators appreciate being able to learn more about you as a whole person.

My Reflections

This is the “meat” of the eP, where you will include your personal learning objectives and provide reflections on your learning experiences as you progress through the program. In this section, you may reflect on experiences you’ve had with patients, discussions you’ve had with instructors or your fellow residents, or the “a-ha moments” that you’ve had in your independent study – but be sure to go beyond writing about the “what” (the event) to capture the “so what” (why was my experience significant?) and the “now what” (how will my practice  change?). As you progress through rotations, your reflections will often form the basis for new personal learning objectives that you set for the upcoming rotation(s). 

NOTE: Reflections should be categorized according to the respective rotation that they fall under and tagged according to the respective program competency that they address.

My Residency Program Objectives

At the beginning of the residency year, you will complete a self-assessment to help determine your individual learning plan for the year. Your learning plan should be posted to this section. You will repeat your self-assessment at the midpoint and near-end of the program and again will use these self-assessments to determine any necessary modifications to your individual learning plan to ensure that all of the learning outcomes of the program are met by the completion of the residency year.

Journal Club

You will have the opportunity during your year to serve as a facilitator in critical appraisal sessions (aka journal clubs). This is the place to collect any of the materials you prepare to assist in these sessions.


You will have the opportunity to give a number of presentations to a variety of audiences during your year.  This is the place to collect any of the materials you prepare to assist in these presentations.

Residency Project

This is where you can post the synopsis of your research project. Also, as opportunities arise to present on your project work (e.g. to the Residency Advisory Committee, at the annual Pharmacy Conference, at the final Island Health residency research event), be sure to post your presentation materials here as evidence of your ongoing progress.