Current Residents (2018-19)


Marina Simeonova

 Hi there! I’m Marina and I am one part of the pharmacy residents’ trio this year at Island Health! Although originally from Vancouver, I completed my PharmD at the University of Toronto… and now I am finally back to the beloved west coast! I’m very excited about this year – I can’t wait to be able to bridge my academic learning with practical experience and explore the different areas of clinical pharmacy. Aside from that, I love the outdoors, so if I’m not around, you will find me on a mountain, in a canoe or riding my bike!

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Sasha Maleki

I knew since I was in kindergarten that to help and care for people. I spent my childhood in Coquitlam swimming which naturally led to becoming a lifeguarding and lifesaving sport competitor. I then developed an interest in paramedicine and began teaching first aid. Through these experiences, I realized I enjoyed interacting with patients and wanted more chances to build meaningful connections with them. This led me to begin my studies in Biomedical Physiology at SFU. Wanting to blend my interests in physiology, pharmacology and patient care, I entered the BSc. Pharmacy program at UBC in 2014. It quickly became clear to me that I wanted to pursue a hospital residency. As a clinical pharmacist, I would marry a role as a pharmacy care provider with my experiences in paramedicine, first aid and lifeguarding. During the residency, I look forward to learning from clinical experts and to be an advocate for my patients throughout their care. My personal areas of interest include emergency medicine, psychiatry, addictions and HIV/AIDS care. Outside of the hospital, you can most likely find me at a pool, in the gym, playing basketball with friends or teaching first aid courses.

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Stephanie Huffman

Hi there! I’m Stephanie Huffman, a pharmacy resident currently working within Island Health. Having visited Victoria for many years throughout my childhood, I am happy to have settled down here. I grew up in Red Deer, Alberta, but moved to Saskatoon to pursue post-secondary education at the University of Saskatchewan. While there, I completed two Bachelor of Science degrees- one in Physiology and Pharmacology (2014) and one in Pharmacy (2016). After graduating, I moved to Victoria to start my career as a pharmacist. I have had the pleasure of working at Victoria General Hospital and Royal Jubilee Hospital, both of which have introduced me to a variety of clinical settings an encouraged me to challenge myself intellectually. I’m excited for this opportunity to enhance my clinical skills, while continuing to work alongside the many experienced and intelligent health care professionals that make up this team. My particular areas of interest are critical care, infectious disease, and psychiatry. Outside of pharmacy, I enjoy keeping active with daily workouts and exploring new hiking trails with my dog, Yogi.

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