Criteria for Successful Completion of Residency Program

Criteria for successful completion of the residency program are established broadly at a provincial level and maintained by the BC Pharmacy Practice Residency Programs Committee. These criteria are outlined in the current BC Pharmacy Practice Residency Programs standards, located on the Standards page

Specific to our program, residents will have successfully met all of the requirements when they have:

  • Attended the BC-wide didactic training component of the program
  • Successfully completed all assigned non-direct patient care rotations
  • Successfully completed all assigned direct patient care rotations, including mandatory rotations in Emergency, Intensive Care, Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases & Antimicrobial Stewardship (one remedial rotation allowed in the event of an unsuccessful rotation)
  • Successfully completed a longitudinal rotation in Leadership/Management and a related project
  • Completed all required program procedures and related documentation (see Procedure Log)
  • Completed all rotation or activity self-assessments
  • Posted reflections on learning for each assigned rotation (at minimum)
  • Conducted a residency project and presented their findings at the annual BC-wide pharmacy residency research event and the annual Island Health pharmacy residency research event.
  • Submitted the manuscript for their residency project in a format suitable for publication in a peer-reviewed journal with the final approval of their primary preceptor
  • Successfully completed a comprehensive case-based oral assessment

Residents meeting all requirements will receive a letter confirming completion of the program and are invited to the annual Residency Certificate Night. They also may begin to use the distinction "ACPR" (Accredited Canadian Pharmacy Residency).